Sherpa pictures from internet, auctions, sale offers or provided from other owners*

from                                          other source,  presumably same car (see wheelcover, but different grille)

from ebay auction                                     from

from Ian's 2CV kitcar page (see links)         from owner Herjan Elling, Netherlands

from owner in the Netherlands                    from exhibition Technik Museum Speyer, Germany
                                                                        (Foto © 2003 Hans-Jürgen Correns)

ebay auction - rebuild with 2CV front         from Philipp Schlautmann before restauration
after front crash                                   

ebay auction from April 2004 (sold for 2160,- €). New owner resides in Belgium and is currently restoring another Fiberfab Sherpa 

ebay auction August and September 2004    

sales offer on "Der Franzose" website. Seems to be from Belgium. June 2005

from June 2005    (price expectation 1.500 €) 

this Sherpa is located in Saarland, Germany. 
(thanks to owner Frank for the permission to use his pictures)

this Sherpa used to be a camera rig car, with a tubular frame mounted on top of the flatbed. Restauration in progress with Citroen GS engine
(thanks to owner Till for the pictures)

Sherpa from Pinneberg, Germany.  Handbuild by current owner in 1978 and still in use to date! - Sold in 2009!  (thanks to André for the pictures)

from April 2006    (price expectation 1.800 €)

Sherpa from Jochen

Sherpa von Bernd und Heide

Sherpa from Günter  (Note different headlight retainer)   Günter's Sherpa after refurbishing (July 2007)     With new soft-top

from ebay auction March 2007      not sold, reserve price not met (bid ended with 1.021€)

Sherpa from Volker und Steffi  

Sherpa from Günter L.   

Sherpa - from a Citroen Meeting (source internet)

Sherpa from ebay auction September 2007    sold for 2.810,- Euros

Sherpa from ebay auction April 2008    not sold   bid was 3.011,- Euros, reserve price not met
was again on ebay in May 2008 - sold for 3.121,- Euros on 13.05.2008

Sherpa from ebay auction April 2008    sold for 2.600,- Euros (one bidder)
News from Jan. 2009: Belongs now to Oliver Z., (Chiemsee)

Sherpa from  Price 5.600Euros (who will ever gonna pay that much????)

Sherpa pictures from Citroen Club France Homepage

Sherpa from ebay auction September 2009    sold for 4.000,- Euros (24 bids)


*Note : The ownership of all the pictures remains with there respective owners.