Erster Platz Klasse A3 (1968-1980) bei der "Heidelberger Herbst Rallye 2004" am 23.10.04
First place youngtimer-class  at the  "Heidelberg Autumn Rallye 2004"  on 10.23.2004

    Denis T. and DJH playing it cool!

Abholung des Fiberfab Sherpa am 20.08.1999
Picking up the Fiberfab Sherpa on 08.20.1999

pics © Denis Timur 1999

Zweiter Platz Youngtimer-Klasse bei der "Heidelberger HerbstRallye 2003" am 25.10.2003
Second place youngtimer-class  at the  "Heidelberg Autumn Rallye 2003"  on 10.25.2003

pics ® Oldtimerfreunde Heidelberg


Andere Fahrzeuge von Fiberfab Deutschland (alle auf VW Käfer/Typ 3 Chassis)
Other kitcars by Fiberfab, Germany (based on VW Beetle/Type 3 chassis)

Bonanza                                        Aztec                                            Bonito

Die damaligen Vorbilder und Konkurrenten des Fiberfab Sherpa
The archetypes and competitors of the Fiberfab Sherpa at that time

Citroen Mehari                             Renault  R6 Rodeo                                 Gerry's Renault R6 Rodeo 

Austin Mini Moke


Delta Design Stuttgart. ca. 1965
Concept study on NSU Prinz basis with 2-cylinder aircooled engine.
I could take this rare pictures while visiting the  archive depot of the Landesmuseum für Technik und Arbeit, Mannheim

Note : The ownership of all the pictures remains with there respective owners.